Paisajes Diversos, 2012-2014

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Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann

Paisajes Diversos / Blurred Landscapes, 2012-2014


Peru experiences the third most adverse effects of climate change after Bangladesh and Honduras; the blurred landscapes cover the regions of Peru, the mountains, the desert, the rainforest, the coast, and the jungle.  For Marroquín, the blurred landscapes are reduced to the formal elements of light and paper – the purest form of landscape.


These blurred landscapes are the artists poetic allegory to the Peruvian landscape. 


Andrés Marroquín was born in Peru and now resides in Germany. He studied Science of Communication at the “Universidad de Lima” (2000-2003). In 2005 he started his photography studies at the FAS, Fotografie am Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin and he continued his career at the Ostkreuzschule fur Fotografie und Gestalltung where he graduated in 2009.



Andrés’ work has been invited to numerous group and solo exhibitons around the world, including the 06. Berlin Kunstsaloon, Italian Photofestival of Savignano, F-Stop Festival in Leipzig, Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie and Fotosommer Stuttgart 2010, Arroniz Contemporaneo in Mexico, Kunst.Licht Gallery in Shanghai, 980 Galeria in Colombia and Galleria Contemporaneo in Venice. 


In 2012 he co-funded “Meier und Müller”, a publishing project for Artists Books that specialize on books that reflect the artists’ vision, both in quality and design. In 2013 he started teaching at the Centro de la Imagen in Lima, Peru.