Winterarbeiten, 1998 - 2002

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Februar, 2001
Haus am See, 1999
Huete, 2001
Haus im Schnee, 2002
Toba, 2000
Wasserstand, 2002
Mondlandschaft, 2001
Wittenberg, 2002
Rammler, 2000
Hochländer, 1999

Frank Mädler

Winterarbeiten (1998 - 2002)


Blurring plays a part in Winterarbeiten or the fact that more than a quarter of the picture surface is covered by sky. Frank Mädler takes photographs from moving vehicles or from a distance in the direction of rising ground. This kind of photography robs the subject of its documentary quality, instead emphasizing its formal contexts. 


Working within the realm of abstract realism, Frank Mädler juxtaposes color, space,
and sense of time in his compositions to blur the lines of reality and illusion. His experimentation with traditional technique conjures an ethereal quality to his work that is both alluring and hauntingly beautiful.  Professor and critic Katharina Menzel wrote, “…his pictures arouse emotions without veering into pathos… He strives to concentrate on something ‘essential’ … and produces an atmosphere that makes the world outside the camera’s frame appear irrelevant to the spectator.” 


Mädler has been written about by several German curators, scholars and critics, including Martina Padberg (2007), Tanja Dückers (2003, 2006), Charlotte Gutmann (2006), Lily Koshitavshvili (2006), Maximillian Keller (2006), and Katharina Menzel (2003).

Born in Torgelow, Germany in 1963, Frank Mädler studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany under the direction of renowned photographer, Astrid Klein.  In 2004, he won a scholarship to the German Academy in Rome at the Villa Massimo, an esteemed German prize for a visual artist.  In 2007, Mädler graduated with his Masters in Fine Art from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany where he lives and works today.  His work hangs in public and private collections, including the American Bank Collection, the Antoine de Galbert Foundation in Paris, the Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie in Regenburg, Germany and Altana Kulturforum in Sinclair Haus in Bad Hamburg, Germany. In 2016, the Leonhardi Museum in Dresden, Germany will exhibit Mädler’s work.