Miles Gertler

Artist Statement

The Seven Series


The Seven Series is a visual account that re-imagines the ancient Seven Wonders in typological terms. Their re-figuration contests the historical record with radical tectonic experiments. Each one is an exercise in the materialization of an architectural program. What shapes might a Mausoleum, Temple, and Hanging Gardens take? How best to deliver on the promise—the function, performance, and image—suggested in their names?


Speculative Fiction, Feburary-March 2016

Gertler combines fragments and archival photographs with architectural renderings to approximate a territory's political context, customs and crises. His narrative becomes an investigation of the tectonic and the social order. His interest in cycles of revisionist history leads to the title Speculative Fiction. Architectural studies and typology play a part in building these fantasies.

Project Space: Supralith, February-March 2016

Insallation: Architectural Structure with fiberglass moulds and paint

An installation of cantilevered slabs is populated by fiberglass moulds representing the social structure. It is an investigation into the notions of displacement and the other. The work is populated by architecturally heterogeneous figures that cast a gaze over the desert landscape surrounding the sculpture.