Intento, 2015

Brief Experiences

The poetics of the work starts and finds its greatest expression in its constructive process. This is because there is no previous or outlined idea about how it should end up, and it through uncertainty that it searches for its places and moves intensely until it is finally defined. The rehearsal of events is an essential moment. It is a lens trying to focus, a note that vibrates until it tunes. Particularly, it is a volcano from which we only see a stone, the sold track which was left.


This series is the result of a personal visual story, after experiencing and perceiving the environment of Tierra Del Fuego*, a territory with a particular demographic composition. I am particularly interested in certain special constructions of the area, which represent a main aspect in the identify of the island: instability, the fact of being in transit, migratory movements, moving populations, from the most varied and remote places, which search for something, despite the hostility of the climate and geography. And it is in that uncertainty where this architecture develops, which does not expect to last long, and wears away. A whirl of materials that were other things, occupied other places, and maybe will rotate again.


This is the aspect I am interested in revealing, only because it touches me: a population that builds its existence upon an eternal project.


As to the occurrence of these perceived experiences, I take them up again as a posteriori architecture – a dismantling of disaster, what remains abandoned. Gestures that never happen spontaneously but refer to what happened and what will happen.




The work presented is made up of pieces which contain brief and specific situations where the elements that constitute them are situated in the precise moment. Some roll over others, some are weakly held, always about to fall down, at risk, about to fade away. I value the unique and irreversible instant, the environment changes constantly and our perspective too, my observation captures the imminent, a tension that is about to disappear – non randomly fixed frameworks, but revealing sensitive areas in the landscape; coincidences, limits, points of tension, balances, counterpoints and color.


Currently I am at aligning a composition and a vision with an emotional state. The action I suggest is observation – standing on the abstraction of each work, on their emotional aspect.


I work to continue learning about my work. And discover all the traits that may arise, removing layers and reaching the deepest. I feel the maker of this universe, which is a journey that I am constantly discovering – so that my action is coherent with what it wants to be.


*The province leads the rates of being a receptive society to a migrating population and ejector of its native population. In addition, it has the characteristic of having a high flow of mobility in terms of its population both in immigration and emigration.


In the last years, half of the island’s population either moved in or out.