Solo Exhibitions          


2012                          Conversations with Blue, Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                                  Conversations with Blue, Colette Gallery, Paris, France

                                  Conversations with Blue, Clear Edition & Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

                                  Conversations with Blue, Nakanoshima Banks Design Museum, Osaka, Japan                                                      

2008                          Thank You Mr. Marley, Midtown Public Art Installation, Tokyo, Japan

2004                          Polarity, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2001                          Body of Work, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                                  Blue, TYK-2 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1997                          Four Hours from Tokyo, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1996                          Select Exhibition, French Ministry of Culture, NYC, USA                                               

1993                          Entre Guillemets, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada                                                                

1992                          G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Santa Monica, USA                                                                       

1991                          Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada                                                                  

1990                          Nigel Scott, Robert Koch Gallery, Toronto, Canada                                                           

1989                          New Work From Paris, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada                                                      

1984                          Ten Prints of Paris, Peter Pan Gallery, Toronto, Canada


Group Exhibitions                               


2011                          Mois de la Photo, Paris, France

2009                          Fashion Photography, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008                          National Biennial 2008, National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica

                                  Bob Marley Anniversary, Bob Marley Museum, Kingston, Jamaica

                                  Aosando Art Fair, HP-GRP Gallery, public art installation Tokyo, Japan

2007                          ninety-six hours of wedge: A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION, Wedge Gallery Toronto, Canada

                                  The Art of Happiness: Tribute curated by Beatrice Dupire, Elure Gallery NYC, USA

2006                          National Biennial 2006, National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica

                                  Offshore/On Board: Surf Art Reconsidered, NYC, USA

                                  Carte Blanche, The Gladstone Hotel, curated by Catherine Dean & Maryann Camilleri, Toronto, Canada

2005                          Homage to Bob Marley, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica

                                  Andy Kessler, 100 artists on skateboard Art, Blinde Gallery NYC, USA

2001                          2nd Polaroid International Awards                  

2000                          Winner Personal Works, Americas.                                  

                                  1st Polaroid Interantional Awards                                      

2000                          Sport Illustrated, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada                              

1997                          The Photography Show, New York, NYC, USA

1993                          The Photography Show, New York, NYC, USA                                                  

1992                          ART Cologne, Cologne, Germany

                                  Basel Art Fair, Switzerland

                                  Chicago International Art Exposition, Chicago, USA

1991                          ART Cologne, Switzerland

                                  Los Angeles Art Fair, LA, USA           

1990                          Lovers, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada                                

1989                          Galerie Elca London, Montreal, Canada

                                  Fashion Photography: Then and Now, Holly Solomon Gallery, NYC, USA

                                  Canadian Contemporary Photography, Hotel la Citadelle, Montreal, Canada      

1988                          Photography on the Edge, Marquette University, The Haggerty Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA      

1987                          An Exhibition of Works in Colour, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                                  Focus on Fashion, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1986                          Canadian Contemporary Photography, The Watson Gallery, Houston, USA

1985                          Retrospective, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                                  The Leading Edge, Fashion and Beauty Photographs in Canada, Festival of Canadian Fashion, Toronto, Canada




2011                          Conversations with Blue, limited edition photo book, Clear Editions, Tokyo, JAP 

                                  Remembering Postmodernism: Trends in Canadian Art, 1970–1990, Second Edition, 2011, by Mark A Cheetham

                                  with Linda Hutcheon. Oxford University.

2008                          Thank You Mr. Marley,” photo doc. Brutus Trip, published by Magazine House Ltd.

                                  “Happy Bobday, Mr. Marley” by Vivien Goldman, BBC online.

                                  “Blue Like Me”, photoessay, Dec 08, Whole Beauty Magazine,published by Cocoa Co. ltd, Tokyo, JAP.

2007                          Michinoku: The Long Road, Homareya, Nomura Yoshio

                                  Flava: The Story of Wedge 1997-2007, Wedge Curatorial Projects, Kenneth Montague

2006                          Carte Blanche, Photography.1, Magenta Foundation

                                  “Jahpan” photoessay, MICHINOKU Vol.2 photo-essay book, July 06, published by H Media or Dye, Homareyea,

                                  Tokyo, Japan

2005                          Polaroid, The Polaroid Book, Taschen

2003                          Sakura Girl, Satoshi Yagioka, Kamishoba Co.

2002                          Venus: Masterpieces of Erotic Art, Michelle Olley (ed.), Thunder’s Mouth Press

                                  Nami Forever, Homareya, Nomura Yoshio

2001                          Love, Lust, Desire, Michelle Olley , Carlton Books

1997                          New York in My Pocket, collaboration with Seitaro Kuroda,  Amuse Books

1990                          Children in Photography: 150 Years, Firefly