When the sun departs for a new horizon

celebrating 40 years of Corkin Gallery

September 14 – November 21, 2019

Stellar Aéreo 11 and 12, series: Stellar, Giancarlo Scaglia, 2015
la Lune Perdue, Scott Massey, 2013
Escape Velocity (falling 3), Sharon Switzer, 2019
Escape Velocity (flying 1), Sharon Switzer, 2019
Escape Velocity (falling 2), Sharon Switzer, 2019
Nike, Brendon McNaughton, 2015
Stairs of Montmartre, Paris, André Kertész, 1925
Portrait of Tom Thomson, David Urban, 2019
Seebad, series: Distanz, Grit Schwerdtfeger, 2004
Tretboote; from the series: Distanz, Grit Schwerdtfeger, 2004
Kleine Landschaft, Frank Mädler, 2014
Colourful Stack, Michelle Forsyth, 2017
Aqua Stack, Michelle Forsyth, 2014
Blue and Red Stack, Michelle Forsyth, 2018
Grey Stack, Michelle Forsyth, 2015
Red Stack, Michelle Forsyth, 2017
Glas, series: Südwest, Frank Mädler, 2008
Cappa Violet, Gina Rorai, 2015
Close-up of Crater, Lick Observatory, 1920s
Here Comes the Rain Again, Jota Castro, 2013
Unknown RBG, David Urban, 1996/2003
Mlle. Pogany I, Constantin Brancusi
The Winners' Circle, Leopold Plotek, 1990
Quad Tracks, part 1 and 2, Carol Marino, 2000
Camouflage Net #1, Sondra Meszaros, 2019
X Offrande, series: Transmutations, Brassai, 1967
Untitled (Dear Sandra), series: Thinking About You, Barbara Astman, 1979
Atelieraufnahme, Ernest Ludwig Kirchner, c. 1910
untitled, from the 16 epreuves series, Yakov Gakkel, c.1937
4.5.89, from the series: 2.5 - 7.5.89 Sechs Fotos, Gerhard Richter, 1989
Untitled, series: Visual Narratives, Barbara Astman, 1978-79
Queer Affair, from the Heroine series, Lori Newdick, 1999
Éperdument (Madly), Elisa Julia Gilmour, 2016
Sweeping the Tombs (mountains are gravesites), Jeff Chiu, 2017
Anatomy Lesson - Moose, Thaddeus Holownia, 2006
Puente.02, Andrés Marroquin Winkelmann, 2012/2014
Signal Structure 01, Miles Gertler, 2017

Barbara Astman, Constantin Brancusi, Brassaï, Jota Castro, Jeff Chiu, Michelle Forsyth, Yakov Gakkel, Miles Gertler, Elisa Julia Gilmour, Thaddeus Holownia, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, André Kertész, Frank Mädler, Carol Marino, Andrés Marroquín, Scott Massey, Brendon McNaughton, Sondra Meszaros, Lick Observatory, Lori Newdick, Leopold Plotek, Gerhard Richter, Gina Rorai, Giancarlo Scaglia, Grit Schwerdtfeger, Sharon Switzer,
David Urban

An understanding of time and existence as cyclic has been largely studied by different cultures and reflected by Eastern and Western philosophy. The theory of the eternal return proposes that the universe, all existence and energy has been recurring, and will continue to recur an infinite number of times across infinite time or space. When the sun departs for a new horizon: celebrating 40 years of Corkin Gallery, spans the gallery’s history by bringing together works exploring cycles as an organic way to understand our existence.