Corkin Advisory Services Featured in Aspire Magazine

Jane Corkin expertise helps to build significant collections
"Both client and designer worked with Toronto-based art consultant Jane Corkin of Corkin Gallery to acquire art that spoke to the environments in which they’d be displayed. “At the start they said, ‘We’re not art collectors,’ ” recalls Corkin of the clients. “But then they realized that they’d built such a magnificent house that they wanted art that would be substantial to match the magnitude of what the home had become.” The resulting collection includes works by Pat Steir, Victor Vasarely, Jean Arp, Jules Olitski, Yves Klein, Rita Ackermann and others. It spans from the 1950s to the 21st century and, notes Corkin, “It holds together fantastically well. We didn’t always have a particular wall in mind, but then we’d move the paintings around and they would tell us where they wanted to go.” In fact, the entire composition – envelope, furniture and art – “holds together remarkably well.” The backdrop certainly doesn’t upstage any of it, but the closer we look, the more extraordinary it feels because we realize that it is what makes everything else appear so ethereal, if not positively empyrean. The home’s new language, believes Burdi, “is quiet, elegant and quite confident,” yet not in any boastful way."  - Jorge S. Arango, Aspire Magazine
December 21, 2022