Brendon McNaughton uses size and materials to defamiliarize everyday objects. The luminous object, Nest Egg, sits proudly on its base moving us to examine its reflective quality. The playful sculpture, Nest Egg, references wealth accumulation in business and the arts.


Employing advanced machinery, precision fabrication, and carefully chosen materials and finishes, Brendon McNaughton creates artwork that is both grand and seductive. With its reflective quality and larger-than-human scale, Nest Egg pulls in the viewer to be part of the work creating the dialogue. McNaughton is interested in our fast-paced society referencing finance, technology, and the arts in a playful way.


Brendon McNaughton is constantly looking for answers to what creates social and economic relationships in contemporary consumer society. His examinations refer to the academic theories of economists and sociologists such as Thorstein Veblen, Pierre Bourdieu and Adam Smith. McNaughton works with 3D scanning and printing technology employing advanced machinery to create much of his work. The Young British Artists movement, industrialists and Pop art and culture inspire his techniques. Through these explorations, McNaughton refers to what refers to class and status while creating dialogue about the evolving social and economic structures facing a rapidly changing world.




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