Rosi Maria Di Meglio is an early career Canadian artist who creates abstract, multi-media works that reflect her experiences as an artist, educator, mother, and a first-generation Italian in Canada. Her practice invites the viewer to question their sense of reality through her abstraction of line and color. For Di Meglio, abstraction is  a means of revisiting past and hypothesizing the future.


The artist lives and works in Montréal, Québec. Di Meglio participated in the Convergence Project-Artists and Neuroscientists collaborating in a year-long art-science project (Montreal, QC) in 2018. Her print series Pathways was recently exhibited as part of the Printmaking at the Edge exhibition at Dover Art Center (Dover, NH) and her Jerusalem series was published in Rencontre, no. 35, by editor in-chief Mme. Judith Tetreault. Di Meglio recently participated in the 60th Toronto Outdoor Art Fair in Toronto, Ontario.


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