Peter Campbell: Myriad: Opening Reception 1-4pm

Corkin Gallery 17 September 2022 
Corkin Gallery



Corkin Gallery is pleased to present Myriad, the first major solo exhibition of Montreal-based artist Peter Campbell. The paintings and wood sculptures marry patterns found in the natural world, with design and architecture reflecting upon notions of time and space.  Myriad   alludes to the vastness of the cosmos - a way to explore the multiplicity of physical space and perspective.

The paintings elevate the familiar patterns of the natural and the artificial. Inspired by artisanal basket-weaving methods and carved wood reliefs, Campbell is concerned with evolutionary processes and life cycles. Whether it is the textures created by fossilization, the play of light on water, wind on meadow grass, or the architectural domes of fungi, he is fascinated by the motifs and structural units of nature and explores them rigorously in his works.

Peter Campbell builds his canvases with layers of minimal gestures to achieve his ideas. The resulting paintings are mesmerizing.