Virgil Baruchel + Grit Schwerdtfeger: Together Atlas: Opening Reception 1 - 4 pm

15 October 2022 



Visit the gallery Saturday October 15, 1-4pm to celebrate the joint exhibition of Virgil Baruchel and Grit Schwerdtfeger, Together Atlas.
Artists will be in attendance.
Together Atlas   opens a dialogue between the work of Grit Schwerdtfeger and Virgil Baruchel, as they integrate historic art forms and craft-making into their multimedia practices. Exploring themes of leisure, memory, and self perception, the exhibition proposes a fun and contemporary approach to materiality. Grit Schwerdtfeger presents a selection of photography and sculpture bringing striking amalgams of colour and texture to the fore of her work. Revisiting his North African heritage, Baruchel creates tapestries and pastels on paper to examine and modernize cross-cultural icons, traditions, and materials.