Event: Gallery Weekend Toronto 2023: Artist Talk at Corkin Gallery

21 - 24 September 2023 

For four days, a selection of Toronto’s contemporary art galleries open their doors to the public to present amazing exhibitions with special programming and extended hours. Through various activities on-site or via social networks (discussions, visits, etc.), it is an opportunity to discover numerous exhibitions, to meet and exchange with gallery owners, artists and other key players of the art world.


Gallery Weekend Toronto is made up of three routes:    Dupont / Junction,   Wallace / Dundas, and   Lower Toronto. Each route will take you to a number of galleries and will allow you to explore the city as you discover outstanding exhibitions and artists.


Discover Corkin Gallery's signature venue while immersing yourself in two exhibitions during Gallery Weekend: "Traces of Abstraction: 1958 - 2020" and "To Will One Thing". Enjoy the convenience of extended gallery hours along with special programming.


Traces of Abstraction: 1958 – 2020

Young-Il Ahn, Vincent Barré, Yves Gaucher, Jean Albert McEwen, Guido Molinari, Louise Nevelson, Jules Olitski, Leopold Plotek, Larry Poons, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Gina Rorai, Dana Schutz, Françoise Sullivan, David Urban
Opens a conversation between the work of Canadian and American artists who added to the development of abstract painting history. The exhibition examines the transformation of a movement that absorbed colour, feelings, and forms as the core elements to revolutionize the North American art scene from the mid-20th century onwards.
To Will One Thing
Vincent Barré, Constantin Brancusi, Christian Butterfield, Miles Gertler, Sondra Meszaros, George Platt Lynes, Leopold Plotek
Delves into the intricate connections between human longing, built environments, and the pursuit of idealized societies. From sculptural expressions of yearning to photographic interpretations of erotism, the exhibition invites viewers to contemplate the ways in which desire is channeled through architectural forms and the utopian imagination.


Extended Hours:
Thursday and Friday | 10 - 7pm
Saturday  | 10 - 6pm
Sunday |11 - 5pm


Stay tuned for more details on our special programming.