Thaddeus Holownia "of a feather" exhibition at Owens Art Gallery

Exhibition at Owens Art Gallery
January 20, 2024 - May 15, 2024
Works by: Thaddeus Holownia and Karen Stentaford
Curated by: Emily Falvey


This exhibition considers how close relationships with the natural world strengthen our bonds with each other. It is organized in memory of Gay Hansen (1954-2021), a gifted teacher, mentor, and ornithologist who taught at Mount Allison for thirty-nine years.   of a feather      takes its title from a portfolio of photographs Thaddeus Holowina created after the death of Hansen, his life partner. These tender portraits of bird study skins—part of a collection she assembled—join a series of projects highlighting the couple’s creative partnership. They are presented alongside Karen Stentaford’s haunting landscape photographs, which she creates in patient collaboration with the environment, an approach that reflects Hansen’s influence on her work.


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December 1, 2023