Thaddeus Holownia featured in CBC podcast

Ideas: Radio for the mind

Thaddeus Holownia was featured in   a CBC podcast   Ideas: Radio for the mind  .  The  episode  entitled The Marrow of Nature: A case for  Wetlands  highlights the importance of wetlands  in  conserving the environment. 


For Thaddeus Holownia, this has meant a practice of photographing the wetland he calls home: the Tantramar marshes, which stretch between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.   For 40 years, Holownia has taken regular photographs of the marshes, treating them with the same attention and reverence typically paid to more dramatic landscapes.

"It's not romantic, it's not glorious, it's not in your face. But if you slow down and look at it, there's an energy and there's a beauty in its mundane richness," he said. 

October 19, 2022