Frank Mädler

Frank Mädler, 2014
Frank Mädler: Kopal
Publisher: Fotohof
Dimensions: 9 1/2 x 8 1/2 in.
ISBN-13: 9783902675866
CAN$ 55.00

"Often it is the epic moments that commands our attention  but in Kopal, with only the aid of a polaroid camera and a keen sensitivity toward the uncelebrated, Mädler pays tribute to the in-between. He elevates the mundane and gives significance to the random and by doing so he shows us how sacred and fulfilling those little understated moments are. They are what gives the lives we lead texture, colour and dimension."

- Myan Marcen-Gaudaur


Designed by Annika Riethmüller and  featuring an introductory text by Alfred Kerr Prize winner, Insa Wilke.


Text in English and German.