Publication: Vincent Barré - Maisons/Ateliers

Vincent Barré, 2022
Soft cover
Vincent Barré: Maisons/Ateliers
Publisher: Galerie Bernard Jordan Paris
Dimensions: 8 1/3 x 6 1/3 in.
Pages: 38
CAN$ 10.00

An exhibition booklet cataloguing   Maisons/Ateliers   by Vincent Barré   at Corkin Gallery, April 2022.  Text in English and French.


Exhibition organized in collaboration with  Galerie Bernard Jordan with the support of Centre national  des arts plastiques (National Centre for the Arts), France. 


Essays by Vincent Barré,  Karen Wilkin, and Cyril  Neyrat.

Forward by Jane Corkin. 


Printed in 400 copies.

March 2022