Max Regenberg has been conducting a long-term photographic study of billboards in public spaces since the late 1970s. After finishing his training as an advertising photographer in Germany in 1977, he worked in Canada for three years. While in Canada, he was influenced by the emerging New Topographics movement, a new kind of landscape photography that presents a “man-altered landscape”. During this time Regenberg was inspired to undertake his billboard series, as North America by the mid- 1970s was already the Eldorado of oversized billboards. 


Advertising myths meet the urban landscape, resulting in a tension between two visual systems. The re-photographed billboard images enter into a new context, thus drawing attention to the fact that public space and everyday life are continuously monetized through the aesthetic impact of the visual codes of advertising. Regenberg’s work has been widely exhibited in museums and institutions throughout Germany since 2000.


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