Giancarlo Scaglia: Stellar

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Stellar  addresses a tragic event that occurred on a deserted  island off the coast of Peru. On the island, the maximum-security prison housed political prisoners and acquired historical significance after a violent event. The only remains of the massacre are the bullet holes in the walls of the cells. The work of Scaglia questions modernist definitions of art and recontextualizes armed conflicts in Peru.
Recent exhibitions include:  IV Poly/Graphic Triennale, San Juan (2015), the Mercosul Biennale, Porto Alegre (2015), Bajo el sol de la muerte, Galeria Espacio Minimo, Madrid (2013), La Quema del Diablo, Diablo Rosso Gallery, Panama City (2012), and the Mercosul Biennale, Porto Alegre (2011).


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