Frank Mädler

27 January - 31 March 2021
Installation Views
"I am not interested in depicting  a land scape. I use the real landscape to create a picture. The picture is the goal. No beauty of an area should resonate in the picture, no information should be conveyed. The picture should only be picture. When beauty emerges, it should only be the beauty of the picture" - Frank Mädler

Three disinct bodies of work arose from Frank Mädler's time in Lima, Peru at the De Al Lado residency. Inspired by the tropical colours, minimal forms and local materials. Mädler returned to Germany and began creating an array of photographs laden with distinct Latin iconography. Refrences to cultural symbols and elements, such as Quipu and the immense fog that engulfs Lima's coast, were reborn in Mädler's darkroom, as he bagan to reflect on the colours, shapes, and sounds of Peru. 




Cameraless Photographs

Releasing himself from the constraints of the camera and inspired by the simplicity of the materials used in South American art, Mädler used natural materials from his surroundings to recreate the unforgettable landscapes of Peru. Madler's imagined vistas transport the viewer to expansive, tropical landscapes. Madler refrences the root of the photography by projecting his materials onto the wall of his studio, rendering the  entire room as his camera.





These simplified compositions recall the atmosphere and colours  of Peru. The aartist positions the tape to refrence the iconic quipu or the symbol of the leaf, both central to the art of Andean culture.  




In this series, Mädler draws on the natural rhythms of the iconic ocean-side embankment in Lima. The works stimulate the senses, as the viewer is transported into  nine technicolour mirages, where one must distinguish atmoshphere from land. Each monochromatic photograph recalls the density of fog and the sensation of being washed by an overwhelming, single element.

"In Lima, on the Malecon, a wall of fog came from the sea towards the coast. It was so thick that at first, I thought of a tsunami. But since the people around me didn't  panic, I stayed calm. When this smokescreen camecloser, I took pictures for as long as possible, until the coast was gone... This work was the last one before becoming completely engulfed in the fog. I vary the negative and always arrive where I started. A principle borrowed from music." - Frank Madler



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