Miles Gertler: Typical Oasis

15 November 2023 - 27 January 2024
Installation Views
"Typical Oasis" develops an interest in familiar artifacts and cultural aesthetics born of a dual concern for hazard and pleasure. The body of work presents images and cardboard relics that challenge the distance between those two evidently contradictory poles of animation.
The exhibition takes its name from a caption in the 1993 American military Field Manual No 90-3 Desert Operations. In its many illustrations the guide demonstrates a frontierist anxiety for territorial venture in picturesque image-making that softens a preoccupation with risk through romantic composition. Figure 1-13, Typical Oasis, depicts the provision of momentary hospitality in an otherwise hostile landscape.
"Typical Oasis" tests various means by which similar allusions might take place in printed image and cardboard sculpture with a focus on "typical" objects and daily life. 

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