Gina Rorai begins her large-scale landscape paintings with broad strokes of colour that evoke vibrant waves of energy. Rather than painting landscapes from life, Rorai expresses her memory of perceiving a landscape while walking through it. Horizons do not line up, and there is a constant shift between the images that appear close and far.


Rorai is interested in the qualities of the domestic and quotidian, and her work often appears as a landscape seen through a window, from the perspective of a domestic space looking out. She abstracts or disrupts familiar spaces or landscapes, playing with shifts between interior and exteriors views across the same plane.


Rorai is Canada’s great colourist of her generation. Her colour choices, which can vary widely in a given painting, lay out a foundation, and she builds upon this with textures of internal light and tremulous brushstroking. Her emotive delivery is predicated upon her choice of colours.


After graduating from York University with a BFA, Rorai began exhibiting with the prominent dealer Sable Castelli. She has been included in seminal exhibitions, and her work is held in numerous institutions across Canada. The artist lives in Toronto where she shares a studio where her husband, David Urban. Gina Rorai is represented by Corkin Gallery.




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