What happens in silence: Group Exhibition

29 June 2022 



What happens in silence brings together artists who reference notions of the sacred. These artists re-envision cultural icons by pushing the limits of media. The works become vestiges of their historical counterparts - the ceremonial mask, North African tapestry, imperial chandelier, Madonna and Child, and even classical sculpture. The show includes artists working in ceramics, tapestry, embroidery, and bronze - some of the world’s oldest known art forms. 

Artists: Ann Agee, Young-Il Ahn, Barbara Astman, Vincent Barré, Virgil Baruchel, Lynda Benglis, Constantin Brancusi, Brassaï, Christian Butterfield, Sarah Charlesworth, Hana Elmasry, Michelle Forsyth, Lily Cox-Richard, Kyungah Ham, André Kertész, Brendon McNaughton, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Frank Mädler, Larry Poons, Gina Rorai, Grit Schwerdtfeger, David Urban, Zulu Culture